Friday, November 25, 2011

A little about us

My husband and I are middle aged riders who prefer the open spaces to the arena scenario now that we are closing in on retirement age. We supported the show format for many many years through our competitions, breeding program and personal interests at that time.  We were lucky to raise some wonderful show making it to the olympics in Bejing in eventing and others taking top honours in their respective disciplines from eventing, dressage and jumping to ranch horse for the show arena but we are especially happy to have also raised some strong, level headed and awesome horses that excel on the open trails in all types of terrain as well as being capable here on our ranch working cattle and riding herd.  We no longer raise the cattle and this has now given us more 'rein' to follow our dreams of travel and riding.  We have had the opportunity to ride in some wonderful countries with some pretty great folks on wonderfully well bred and exceptional horses that have taken us to the mountains of Spain, the hills of Wales, and the desert mountains of the USA to moving horses to the high Andes in Chile. This winter we are off to Mexico to ride to the winter habitat of the Monarch Butterflies.  We have had some wonderful treks here in our own country too and especially in our beautiful vast British Columbia, Canada.  Travel on the Alexander McKenzie Heritage trail from Quesnel, BC to Anahim Lake, the Itcha Mountains and many more.  The intention of this blog is to share our experiences, photos and to help all those want to do riding treks and maybe need that little extra boost to get them started on their own personal journey by horseback and so you to can enjoy the horses, the scenery, the countries and the people of not only our own country but also those in other countries.  Its a small world out there and there is nothing better than being on the top of the world, fresh air, and experiences that will stay with you for the rest of  your life!  Enjoy and any feed back or questions are more than welcome! 
Tia Christie and Randy Lowery

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